Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Barnum & Bailey Circus - 8/2/14

Every August, the Barnum & Bailey Circus comes to the metroplex.  We try to take our traveling circus to the actual circus each year.  ;)  The boys look forward to it all summer long!  It has become a last hurrah of the summer type of tradition.  This year, we had planned to slip in a very end of the summer vacation, so we had decided to forgo the circus in the interest of saving that money for our trip.  We were all a little sad to miss out on the circus, but knew that it was best.

At the end of July, Wade and Owen had run up to the grocery store.  One of the local radio stations was broadcasting from Kroger.  One of the employees asked if Owen wanted to play a game.  As luck would have it, Baby Brother won 4 circus tickets!  So, we all got to go for the price of 1 ticket.  Yay!

We got there early for the preshow and snagged front row seats to main act.  The boys were thrilled to see the performers and animals so close up.  :)

There was an audience participation portion of the preshow.  Clayton and Owen were all about it!  Drew hid behind my shoulder so that he wouldn't get picked.  Haha!  Two extroverts and one introvert.  ;)

 They loved watching the elephant paint a picture.

 The tigers are always a hit!
 As someone who is super clumsy and always tripping over my own two feet, the tightrope walkers amaze me.

 Clayton aspires to be the man shot out of the cannon one day.  Way to aim high, Buddy!  ;)

Thanks, Owen, for scoring the free tickets!  What an unexpected treat!