Thursday, June 05, 2014

Clayton's Baseball Season - Spring 2014

Clayton played for the Texas Rangers this Spring.  He was super excited about being on the Rangers and had a wonderful Coach.  It was a really great season!  Clayton worked hard and made some major improvements.  We were super proud of him for working hard and finishing the season strong.  The team finished 3rd in the rankings, which the boys were thrilled about.  What a fun season!

Clayton hit a double in the game on March 29th.  He was sooo excited!

That hit earned him the game ball.  :)
Our cute 2nd baseman

Clayton played catcher a couple of times, and loved it.

Rounding Home Plate

Coach Justin was an awesome coach!  Clayton learned so much from him.  He really invested in these kids and wanted to help them improve.  It was not uncommon at all for him to text Wade at 10:00 at night about something that he had thought of that may help Clayton.  Such a nice guy!
We are so proud of our boy and his team!  Spring 2014 was another successful season.  :)


Gran said...

Good job, Clayton! And Drew I loved hearing you read. I'm so thankful for all the Carpenter boys.