Friday, January 24, 2014

Drew's Western Day at Preschool

January 22nd was Western Day at Drew's little preschool.  It is always such a fun event for all the little preschoolers!  I go to BSF on Wednesday mornings, and I was signed up to work in the nursery on the 22nd.  I was so sad that I would have to miss Western Day.  :(  Thankfully, Super Dad came to the rescue and went up to the preschool for a little bit to see our cowboy in action.  He took pictures and everything.  What a guy!

Drewster was looking mighty fine!

First up was the petting zoo.

 Then pony rides...
 Melt. My. Heart.  Such a cutie!

Mrs. Chay sent home this precious picture of Drew in a cute handmade frame.  Just adorable.
I'm told that Western Day was a smashing success, and Drew had a great time.  I love these fun preschool days!