Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Zoo Day

On May 22nd, Leah and I loaded up our troops and headed for a day at the zoo.  We figured that we would go before it got too hot and before school got out for everyone else.  It ended up being such a fun day!  Our kids were all soooooo good and we were able to stay until the zoo closed at 5pm.  We shut the joint down!  No one melted down - even Sadie and Owen, who had missed their naps.  Leah and I were both shocked, amazed, and super impressed.  ;)

Our sweet little monkeys watching the monkeys

 "Wook!  Wook!"  I bet that we heard that a hundred times throughout the day from my O.  I love that he is old enough to notice the animals and get into the experience.  :)

 These three had the same favorite animal - the roly polys!  They spent a good 20 minutes digging in the dirt to find them.  Ha!
 I had to get O's picture with this little elephant statue.  I have the same picture of Clayton and Drew.
 Baby Clayton and Baby Drew

 Love this girl!  She is my partner is crime and the best friend I could ever dream of.  
I'm so grateful that I get to do life with her.
 Owen kicked back in the stroller, and I thought that he had fallen asleep.  When I went to take his picture, he flashed a big ole grin.  Playing possum...  ;)

 The birds are always a big hit with our kids.

 A sweet lady had coaxed a bird onto her hand, and she was kind to share him with Clayton.

 We decided to take the kids on a train ride, and they were all pumped.  Unfortunately, we made it about 10 yards before the train broke down on the tracks.  Wah-wah!  :(  We were worried that the kids would be super bummed.  But... they took it like champs and no one complained a bit.  Yay!

 We traded our train tickets for a merry go round ride.  This guy was happy as a clam!
 One last stop at the flamingos (Mags had been asking about them - she was so patient to wait til the last 10 minutes of the day) then we left just as they were shutting the zoo down.

We had such a fun day with the Hunt chicas!  It made me so excited for all of the adventures that this summer holds.  Bring it on!  :)


Holly said...

So fun! I love that we have such a wonderful zoo so close. Yay for no meltdowns! :)