Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Owen Digs Being 2!

We celebrated Owen's 2nd birthday with a construction themed party on Saturday, May 11th.  We had a smaller celebration with just family and a few friends at the park.  While I was planning, I tried to include all of Owen's favorite things - family & friends, breakfast foods, being outside, his favorite park, and lots of trucks and diggers.  :) 

Party favors were easy - a tool belt, construction hat, and dump trucks.

We got his cake at Costco, and I jazzed it up a bit with orange cone candles, a crumpled up cupcake (dirt), and (new) construction vehicles.

Two of the best looking guys on the planet.  ;)

Owen loves almost everything about being at the park.  He could play there for hours and hours.
His only dislike... the swings.  :(
He always asks to swing, and then he proceeds to cry and look terrified.  Ha!
He has discovered "Superman swinging," and he is a fan.  ;)
Morgan & Makinley are always a huge help wrangling my crew.  Sweet girls!

The lighter that I brought was a dud, and the wind made it impossible to light the candles even when we were able to get a bit of a spark.  So, there were no candles to blow out.  Wah-wah!  Owen didn't care if they were lit or not, though.  He leaned forward and blew anyway at the end of the Happy Birthday song.  Ha!  2 year olds are so easy to please.  :)

Grammie & Papaw have given each of the boys a train set for their 2nd-5th birthdays - one car each year.  Owen was excited to get the engine and the first car.  Such a fun tradition!
My sister, Jeff, and the boys surprised us by coming to Owen's party.  Originally, they weren't able to come because Angel and Jonathan both had ball games.  At the last minute, the boys' baseball games were rained out, so they left Houston at 6am and drove straight to the park.  
Now that is dedication!  :)  We were so glad that they were able to come.
I loved getting to plan Owen's party - focusing on party details is a welcomed distraction from lamenting about my kids getting another year older.  Party planning is my coping mechanism.  ;)  I think my sweet boy enjoyed his celebration, and we are so grateful to our friends & family that spent their Saturday morning with us.  Such a fun day!


Holly said...

It was such a fun party and very "Owen". I love how you planned it just for him and used the Home Depot things so creatively. We had a great time and are still singing Happy Birthday to Owen every couple days! :)

Matt and Cindy Fleharty said...

Happy birthday to Mr. Owen! My Drew had a construction party for his 2nd bday too! We obviously both have great taste at every turn...names, party themes, etc! Love it!