Monday, April 29, 2013

Drew's Preschool Easter Egg Hunt

Drew had his little Easter hunt at preschool on March 28th.  It was precious - as always.  :)  Before and after the hunt, the chapel teachers reinforce the idea that they have gone over all month long.  They say, "Easter isn't about candy and bunnies..." and the kids say, "It's about the cross and the empty tomb!" (complete with hand motions).  So precious to hear coming out of those tiny little mouths!

Sweet Little Duckies  :)
 Drew had to check out his loot mid-hunt  ;)
 My Darling Boy...
 The kids made crosses for their Mamas - a sweet keepsake that I will treasure always.
It was a fun day for my Drew-man and his precious classmates.  :)