Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Day Parties

Clayton & Drew had their Valentine parties this week, and I got to attend both of them.  It was such a treat!  My cousin-in-law (and friend!) watched the little boys so that I could go to Clayton's party.  It was fun to get to focus all of my attention on my big boy.  :)

The kids ate lunch and then played some games.  I volunteered to plan the games, and found some cute ones on Pinterest (from this site).  We played Guesstimation (the kids guessed how many pieces of candy were in each jar and the winner got to keep the candy, Tower of Hearts (they tried to build a tower with the large conversation hearts), and Chopstick Pick Up (they had to transfer conversation hearts to a bowl using only chopsticks).  The kids got really into the games, and I think that they all had fun at their party.

 Love my sweet boy!
Next up was Drew's party.  His teachers are so. much. fun!  They have been teaching together in the Ducks class for 10+ years, and they are very best friends.  Drew has had an awesome first year of preschool, and I owe that 100% to them.  They have set the bar high for all of Drew's future teachers!

Drew's party was a breakfast party right at drop off.  First, Mrs. Christi read The Day It Rained Hearts to the kiddos.

 Mrs. Christi & Mrs. Shanna have a "Duckie tradition" of squirting whipped cream in all of the kids' mouths.  Ha!  They demonstrated how it is done to the kids.

Many of the kids declined to carry on the tradition.  Not my Drew!  He tilted his head back and went for it.  That's my boy!

I think that my little buddy enjoyed his party!
Fun parties for my fun boys!  :)


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