Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Big Boy Suite

As I have mentioned, our boys are really into Legos right now.  I must admit, I love them too!  I feel like they are a toy that I don't mind spending money on.  They teach them how to construct things and encourage creativity.  The bricks themselves are pretty much indestructible, so I know that they will last through all 3 boys.

The only problem that we have had with Legos is that they have such tiny pieces.  It makes me nervous for Owen to play with them.  So... we decided that the Carpenter Legoland needed to be confined to the big boys' room where they could close the door while they were building.  :)

I found a really cool Lego table online, and my Hubby was kind enough to build it.  ;)  As is so often the case in our family, I had the vision and Wade had the skills to make it happen.  Love him for that!  We made a trip to IKEA (so fun!) and Wade built the table within an hour or so.

After much discussion/warning/threatening, we bunked the boys' beds that were previously two separate twin beds to make room for the Lego table.  They promised to abide by the rules of no jumping, grabbing fan blades, climbing down the ladder safely, etc. and have done really well for the last few weeks.

I'm so happy with their room!  I hope that they will love it for many years to come.  :)

 Carpenter Legoland  :)
 Wade mounted shelves to store their completed creations.  Clayton's side...
 Drew's side...
The boys made a little "zoo" as their first project on their new table - complete with mini figure zookeepers.  It's pretty cute...
Baby Brother tries to claim Drew's bed as his own.  Not so fast, Little Man!  You will remain in the nursery for as long as possible.  Mama is in no rush to vacate that room!  ;)
Surprisingly, Drew actually plays in there the most.  He loves the Lego City series and the Lego Dino series.  He still needs some help, but he does pretty well for a 4 year old!
I am so grateful that Clayton and Drew love sharing a room.  It is so fun to watch their relationship grow, and to see them enjoy a shared interest.  One of my biggest prayers in life is that my boys will all grow up to be best friends.  Lord, let it be so!


Matt and Cindy Fleharty said...

You two Carpenter parents make a pretty great team! The room turned out perfect!