Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fun at the Lake

On July 7th, Kim & Joe were sweet to invite us to their lake house to spend the day with tons of family and friends.  We knew that we would be tired from our whirlwind Chicago trip the two days prior.  But... Ylda parties are always tons of fun, so we knew we couldn't pass up the opportunity.  :)

We had so much fun!  Clayton loved the jet skiis and Drew loved swimming by the dock.  Poor Owen was completely out of sorts, though.  He was not himself at all - refused to nap and he was super cranky.  I hated that everyone had to see him at his worst.  I still don't know quite what his problem was. :(  I am sure that he was just overtired from 2 days of playing hard with our sweet sitter.  We probably shouldn't have tried to push him...  Live and learn, I guess.

Owen was happiest sitting inside in the air conditioning with the puppies.  Ha!
There is a second story deck on top of the dock and boat slip.  It didn't take long before Clay-boy was jumping off of the top.  Mercy.  This boy is a daredevil with a capital D!

Drew was content jumping off of the lower deck, thank goodness.  I'm sure that he will be jumping from the top in a couple of years.  ;)

Love this sweet boy!
Little Miss Audrey was so sweet and tiny...  I can't believe that Owen was this little last July?!?!  She took a good nap swinging out on the dock.  Man, she is sweet!

Wade took me out on the jet ski and it was super fun!  I was a bit nervous, but I actually really enjoyed the speed of living on the edge.  Ha!  Wade did scare me half to death doing some tight donuts in the water.  I just knew that I was about to meet my Maker!  I screamed my head off right in Wade's ear!  He thought it was great fun.  Stinker.

My Drew went out in the boat once but was too scared to go out on the jet skiis.  Bless his little cautious heart...  He had a ton of fun swimming by the dock.
This was as close as he got to riding on the jet ski.  ;)
I am fearful that I am destined for a lifetime of pictures with someone making a silly face...  Crazy boys.  ;)
After refusing to nap in the pack n play (so unlike him!), Owen finally conked out in my lap.  I was sad that he was a crab all day and didn't get a good nap, but I sure did enjoy snuggling with him.  :)

Although, he sure fills a lot more of my lap than he did last July at the lake...  Sniff, sniff.  He was so itty bitty, and I look so tired!  Ha!

Thanks, Kim & Joe, for letting us spend the day at your place!  We so enjoyed our time!


Matt and Cindy Fleharty said...

I love the snuggly O pic from this year! You definitely look more refreshed in this year's O pic ;) Glad y'all had fun!

Doug and Kelli said...

I am so glad y'all came!! We always love spending time with the Carpenters.