Monday, September 13, 2010

Clayton - Version 5.5

Today is Clayton's half birthday. :) He is over the moon thrilled that he can now officially declare himself to be 5 and a half. Something about that 1/2 is a BIG deal at this age. Ha!

At 5.5:

* Clayton's favorite color is blue. Orange had a good run, but it has officially been replaced by the color blue.

* He told me that his favorite animal is the Komodo Dragon. Ummm, k...

* He LOVES all things related to Science right now. It is so funny to me! He begs for us to get him a microscope and could spend hours on the science aisle at Hobby Lobby. He will pack his little rolling suitcase full of "science" types of items and haul it all over the house. He wears his Batman winter gloves around the house as he "does experiments." Ha ha!

Last week he was telling me about how much he likes science and he said, "Clayton's my name and science is my game!" The kid cracks me up....

* Hand's down, my very favorite thing about the summer is that it brings out the most adorable freckles across my Clayton's nose and cheeks. Ugh - they just kill me!
* Clayton is an extreme extrovert. He is hardly ever shy and is always trying to make people laugh. Such a ham...
* His favorite TV shows are Scooby Doo, Tom & Jerry, and the Electric Company. He is still a Word Girl fan, as well. He used the words "dubious" and "awkward" in context over the last few weeks. Thank you, PBS Kids. :)

* Clayton's favorite part of the day at school is recess (of course!). He says that they have a "bug club" and they spend their time outside looking for bugs or playing tag. He said that he is the "chief of the bug club." Oh, to be a fly on the wall while my little monkey is interacting with his classmates... :)

* His other favorite subject is Math. He really likes Geography, too.

* He still dresses up in costumes pretty often, but he rarely pretends to be a superhero or fictional character. He is more likely to be an "Army guy", doctor, scientist, policeman, etc. Every once in awhile, he comes up with a Clayton original...

Pirate hat, bandana, 80's glasses, his nanny (aka security blanket) around his neck with a chip clip, a winter vest, a western belt, white socks and black dress shoes. What a mess!

Playing Spy :)
We went to the grocery store this afternoon, and I told Clayton that he could pick out a cupcake to eat after dinner. He asked if he could have a little mini pie instead, because he "isn't a big fan of cake." So, a half birthday pie it was!
Clayton was quick to point out today that he is now closer to being 6 than he is to being 5. He loves to rub it in that he is getting older. He knows that he will always get a reaction out of me with that kind of talk. :) As much as I wish that he would stay little forever, it sure is fun to watch him change...


robineilene said...

I know I've said it before (and probably more than once) but I love these Clayton-isms. He is the funniest kid ever...I think we would be fast friends if we ever met! :)

Leah said...

That Clay-boy is such a precious thing! He is so unique, bright, creative, brave and special. He is as lovable as they come!

I love knowing him, learning from him and watching him figure this world out. What a joy it is to be a part of his little 5.5 year old life.

LOVE all the pictures...those freckles are especially my fave, too! :)

Holly said...

I'm so glad to know this five and a half year old. He is such a sweet, smart, precious boy. And he's so entertaining! Love him!