Saturday, June 12, 2010

Another one for the Baby Book...

At the end of the year, Clayton's preschool was selling movie passes to a local movie theater. They have a very discounted summer lineup for kids. For $5 you got tickets to 10 different movies. Fifty cents a movie - what a deal!

So, on Thursday, I got brave and took both kids to the movies by myself. I was nervous about how Drew would do, but I figured that I had only spent $1.50. If worse came to worse, we could leave without feeling guilty.

The movie this week was Charlotte's Web. Perfect for Drew's first theater experience. He LOVED it! He did so much better than I thought that he would. I brought his little booster seat, and he sat happily drinking his water and eating popcorn. He would say, "giggy, onk, onk" (interpreted: piggy, oink, oink) and "gak, gak" (quack, quack) and "moo" and "baaaaaaa" to each of the corresponding animals. He had a ball!

In the last 3 minutes (right after Charlotte died), however, Baby Boy lost it. He went from happy to D-O-N-E in 30 seconds flat. I had to escort him out of the theater and leave Clayton inside watching the movie. Luckily, Clayton's preschool teacher bought movie passes too and was sitting on our row. So, I was able to let Clayton finish the movie. Otherwise, I would have had 2 unhappy campers. :)

There are 9 more movies to go, so hopefully, Drew will be an old pro by the end of the summer. In the event that he grows up to be a movie critic, I wanted to make sure that his first movie experience was properly documented. Ha!


Mrs. H said...

Drew did great. Maybe he lost it because of he watched Charlotte's "death scene". I guess even this boy has a tender heart.