Wednesday, August 27, 2008

30 Week Appointment, Bottle Deal, and Registering

Today I went for my 30 week OB appointment. As my doctor was measuring my belly, I asked him if Drew is going to be a big baby. I just feel so much bigger than I did with Clayton. He assured me that I am right on target as far as my measurements go. He explained that I am carrying really high and that might be why I feel bigger. He then did a mini-sonogram (which he does at every appointment). Apparently, Drew is breach (which is fine because I am already planning on having a repeat C-section). His little noggin is directly under my right rib cage (which explains some discomfort). He then pointed out all the other body parts. When he got to Drew's feet he said, "Holy Moley, that's a big foot! This may be a big baby after all." Hmmm...

After my appointment, I went to Babies 'R Us. My sweet friend, Abbey, had told me that they were doing an "unadvertised" exchange program for previously purchased bottles containing BPA. Being the frugal Mommy that I am, that peaked my interest. So... I took all those bottles that I had saved from when Clayton was a baby right up to the customer service counter to ask about the exchange. It turns out that they are giving store credit for old bottles that can be used to purchase the new BPA free ones. I got $70 to use towards the BPA free bottles of my choice!!! Thanks, Abbey, for the heads up! What a deal!

We had debated about whether to register or not. I just feel weird about all of that. I feel like we were so blessed by the outpouring of generosity when we were pregnant with Clayton. People were so sweet and we ended up getting EVERYTHING that we needed and much, much, more. I just don't feel like people should get us gifts this time around. But, one of my dear friends encouraged me to go ahead and register. She said that no one was going to love Drew any less than they loved Clayton, so I should let people give gifts to Drew as well. I guess that she has a point.

So, Wade met me at Babies 'R Us for his lunch hour to register. I must admit that we found A LOT of wonderful things that a.)they didn't have when we were expecting Clayton or b.)that Clayton used so much that we would need to replace. It was so fun to pick things out for Baby Drew! Clayton was totally stoked about the scanning gun. He was convinced that it was a laser just like Buzz Lightyear has. :) He joyfully scanned away as we handed him bar codes. I think that he had even more fun than we did!

I am just having a ball preparing for this new little guy! I feel like time is flying by, but at the same time I ache with anticipation. The end of October seems like it is just around the corner, but feels forever away as well.

Clayton scanning a mobile for his little bro

My little Super Scanner

Daddy managed to sneak away with the gun for a minute.

Even I got to scan one thing :)


Hannah said...

Thanks for the bottle info! You look SO CUTE preggo!

Mrs. H said...

What a great day... Maybe Drew won't take after you (10 pounds 23 inches). I had to return some of the little baby outfits, but you were - and still are - such a blessing. Where can I get Clayton one of those guns?

Albus Adventures said...

It looks like ya'll picked out some great stuff!

Ashley said...

oh Sara! You look so cute with your baby bump! I haven't seen you guys in forever, but it's good to know you are all doing well!

Kim said...

Wow! Have we really been gone seven weeks? Your baby bump has definitely grown since we left. Has it really been that long? I can't believe Baby Drew is almost here!

Love you all.


Anonymous said...

Sarah, e mail me at I dont have your current e mail address and I'd like to meet up and get you the rescue hero stuff. Glad everything is going well. Clayton is gonna be busy with this stuff when Drew comes!!! I even have a movie and computer game!
Linda Westmoreland