Saturday, December 03, 2016

Drew's 8th Birthday Party

Since Drew's birthday falls at a super hectic time of year with baseball and all of the fall hubbub, his birthday party is always kind of tricky to plan.  This year we opted to wait and celebrate on December 2nd.  He chose to have a small party (he was only allowed to invite 7 friends) at Main Event.  The party included bowling, pizza, laser tag, and some time in the arcade.  What more could an 8 year old boy want???  ;)  One of his little buddies had to cancel at the last minute because he had strep.  Drew was bummed about that but super excited about his friends that were able to come and celebrate with him.  He has such a sweet group of school friends, and I am soooo thankful for the little fellas that he has around him!

 Check out that stance...  We may need to find D a bowling league!  :)

 Such a great group of 2nd grade boys!  They are all so sweet!

 Drew was realllllyyyy sweet about his cake.  I had made it and iced it while he was at school on Thursday.  When he came home he went on and on about how perfect it was.  Made me feel so good that he was happy with his homemade cake!
 My shy boy has come out of his shell!  He was hamming it up and loving the attention when we sang Happy Birthday to him.  ;)  I never would have thought that he would be such a clown a few years ago.  He used to cower at attention, but now he loves it!  Kids are so funny!

Mr. Jared from Hawaiian Falls works at Main Event now.  The boys were so excited to see him!  He even remembered all of their names.  :)

 Some pre-laser tag father/son trash talking  ;)

 This boy was giddy the whole time!  I love seeing him so happy!

We are so very thankful for our sweet Drew and all of his buddies that came to celebrate with him!  Happy Birthday, Drewster!