Sunday, August 25, 2013

I Have a Teenaged Daughter

Yeah, that's not a phrase that you would ever, in a million years, expect to hear from me, right???  Well, it's true!  My four legged daughter turned 13 years old on July 23rd.  Ha! 

She loved that hat every bit as much as you can imagine.  She kept it on for a grand total of 3 seconds.  I happened to snap a picture in that brief period of time.  :)

It just so happened that Syd's birthday fell: a) days after we had gotten back from vacation  b) when Wade was out of town for work c) when we were doggy sitting for the Hunts.  With all of those factors in play, we decided to throw a little puppy party for our Sydney Girl.

If you know me, throwing a puppy party is not really in my nature.  I'm not at all what you would call a "dog person."  But... I know that the life expectancy for beagles is 13.5 years.  Granted, Sydney has been extraordinarily healthy and will probably out live us all.  (I tease that she is going to be a Guinness Book of World Records holder for the oldest dog in history.  Ha!)  I joke, but she really may not have too many birthdays left, and I will be super sad when she kicks the bucket.  She has been a big part of our family's history - the only dog that we have ever had as a married couple.  Losing her will be like the end of an era, and I will be sad, I know this to be true.

At any rate, I knew that the boys would think that it was fun to throw Sydney (and her guests - Cody & Jack) a birthday party.  I was right - they loved it!

Sydney's Cake - Milk Bones, peanut butter, and a piece of cheese cut into the shape of a candle
 Jack & Cody got their teeny tiny milk bones that Leah sent.  Couldn't leave them out!
 The Birthday Girl and Her Guests
I learned that getting three dogs to look at the camera simultaneously is even harder than it is with three little boys.  ;)
 Sydney and her Boy
So far Sydney is sleeping until noon and spends the day lazing around the house - just like any other teenager.  But without the mood swings.  Ha!  She really is a super easy dog, and I am grateful for her.  Happy Birthday, Sydney Girl!