Monday, July 12, 2010

Grandparents are the Best!

We have spent the last two weekends making quick trips to visit each of our parents. We spent July 4th (and 5th) with Wade's parents, and then we went to Houston this past Saturday & Sunday to see my Mom & Dad. We crammed a whole lot of fun into each of those overnight visits!

I love watching my kids with their grandparents! Both of my grandfathers passed away before I was born, and my grandmothers went to Heaven when I was ages 4 & 13. So, I know all too well what a treasure grandparents are! I hold my few memories of my grandmothers close to my heart and will always wish that I had had just a little bit more time with them. I feel so blessed that my kids have 4 wonderful grandparents and 3 great grandparents (who are also amazing!). I will never stop telling them how lucky they are!

We celebrated the 4th in East Texas. Wade's parents live on the 18th hole of a golf course and it is so beautiful in their neck of the {Piney} woods. Wade (a.k.a. "fun Dad" - my nickname for him) stopped along the way and bought some smoke bombs, a cone fountain, and some HUGE sparklers. They were a big hit!

Drew spent some time swinging and rocking with his Grammie. :)

Wade & Papaw took Clayton out to practice with his new golf clubs. Male bonding at it's finest... ;)

This past weekend we went to Houston for my nephew, A's, birthday party. He turns 7 on the 20th. Becca & Jeff threw him a really fun Spiderman party. I got some really cute pictures of A, but I'm still not at liberty to post them. :( Hopefully, A & J's adoptions will be final in the fall and then I will have GOBS of pictures of their sweet faces to post. Thanks to everyone who has asked about them lately. You all are so sweet to care about our family! Their adoption has been a long process, but it seems that Becca & Jeff will be through all of the red tape in the next few months. Please keep them in your prayers!

My parents got a chance spend lots of time with the boys while we were there. Clayton & Drew just ate up all of the attention. :)

Drew & Gran

Papa D & Gran with Drew

Drew was a big fan of the birthday cake. Ha ha!

Drew is a bruiser, for sure! He LOVES to wrestle in the floor. If you are laying in the floor, then he considers you fair game. He will just run up and tackle you out of nowhere. Well... my Dad got a taste of our little linebacker's rough housing ways. I'm pretty sure that being the father of 2 girls didn't prepare him for the tackling that he was in for!

We got in some swim time yesterday afternoon before we headed home. Wade "launched" Clayton and J about 146 times each. :) They both loved it! They made the funniest faces and poses as Wade tossed him in the water.

Drew was content just relaxing by the side. Next year, I have no doubt that he will be smack dab in the middle of the launching action. ;)

Thanks Marsha & Terry and Mom & Dad for loving on our kids! We are soooo thankful for all 4 of you!


Ashlee said...

Adorable! I LOVE the life jacket Drew has on. Is there a Shark on the front?? I have purchased those for Cameron the last 2 summers and totally love them. I swear they actually helped Cameron learn how to swim! This is our first summer not wearing one everytime we swim. (I got the blue one, but he insists he is a "big" boy)It makes me nervouse when Van throws Cameron like that! HAHA!

Ashlee said...

*nervous- Sorry. I try and type too fast :)

Mrs. H said...

What a fun weekend. Thank you for coming. Popa D LOVED every bit of the rough housing. He loves being a granddad of boys.