Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Big Kid Summer Fun Week!

Wade's precious mom likes to have "Grammy Camp" with each of her grandkids over the summer. It's a really sweet idea! She likes to have each of the kids alone for a week so that she & Papaw can have individual time with them. I think that is so neat!

Last year, Drew was still a little nursling, so he didn't get to go to Grammy Camp. This year, though, he got his first turn! He had a blast being the only one! He became quite proficient at saying, "golf cart." (Marsha & Terry have 2 golf carts, and going for rides is always a highlight of the trip for our kids.) When Drew got home, there were several times where he went to the garage door and said, "golf cart?" So sorry, little man - no golf carts here in the big city. Ha ha!

I have to say, I was a bit reluctant about my baby being away for 4 days. I missed that little booger bad! However, Clayton and I stayed super busy while Baby Brother was away. It was really fun to do "big kid" things with Clayton. He named our week "Big Kid Summer Fun Week." It was cute to see him so excited about a week with just his Mama. :)

We crammed a lot of fun into our 4 days! On Monday we went to see Toy Story 3 in 3D. Clayton has been dying to see it, but I was too nervous to take Drew to a full priced movie.

We both loved it! However, I think that there should be a PSA about cleaning out your playroom before you see the movie. I don't know if Clayton will ever be able to part with another toy! He is convinced that they all have feelings.

I had heard that the end of the movie was sad. I was prepared when I got a little teary at the end. What I wasn't prepared for was Clayton's reaction. Y'all, he cried big huge crocodile tears! I thought that his nose was running, so I asked him if he needed a Kleenex. He started sobbing and saying, "I don't ever want to grow up and get rid of my toys!" That made me cry even harder. I reassured him that he didn't ever have to grow up! ;)

On Wednesday, we went the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. We have season passes to the museum and go pretty often (usually once a week or so), but we had never been to the Planetarium or the Omni. So... we saw Sharks at the Omni (Clayton's choice) and 2 of the Planetarium presentations.

On Thursday, we went to Going Bonkers with Leigh Ann, Makinley, Morgan, and the two little girls that Leigh Ann is watching this summer. Whoa, Nelly - my boy was in heaven! It was like a McDonald's play land on steriods! Huge, huge climbing structures every where. There were zip lines and huge slides. It was crazy! I wouldn't dare take Drew there right now. I would surely end up climbing through all of that craziness to fetch him. So, it was definitely a great big kid activity to check off of the list.

After Going Bonkers, we went back to Corey & Leigh Ann's to swim. Clayton and Morgan had fun playing "war" (aka rocking the tube back and forth trying to knock each other off). :)

On Friday, we met Grammy in Terrell to pick up Drew. On the way, we stopped by Kati & Gordon's house to meet Baby Hannah. What a sweetie she was!

Clayton was thrilled to spend a few minutes with one of his favorite people in the world, "Flash" Gordon. Clayton has called Kati's husband "Flash" since he was 3 and first got into superheroes. He thought that "Flash" was the real deal!

That concluded Big Kid Summer Fun Week! We had a ton of fun, but we sure were glad to see Baby Brother!


Ashlee said...

Aww! What a fun time for you and Clayton! I'm sure it can be hard for him at times sharing his mommy:) I'm glad you two kids had fun!!!