Thursday, March 06, 2008

Snow Pictures

I cannot get over how much snow that we got. By my estimate (which could be totally inaccurate) I would guess that we got about 5 inches! After Clayton's nap, we went outside and played. Clayton had a blast! He said, "It feels like Christmas!!!"

We made snow angels and built a snowman. I said, as we were building it, "This is a sad excuse for a snowman." Clayton replied, "Mommy, he's not a sad snowman - he's happy!"

When Wade's mom came to see our house, she mentioned that the hill to get from the top level of our backyard to the bottom level would be a great place to sled. So... we took her idea and made it happen. We busted out moving box #52 and Clayton slid down on his tummy. He belly laughed the whole time.

Our day that started out crumby (see post below), actually turned out to be a pretty great day!

At the top of the hill
After sledding down
Making a snow angel
Hugging our snowman
Drinking cocoa, eating the marshmallows separately, and telling his grandparents about his day


Angie said...

I love the pics! What a wonderful day in the snow!! So sorry about the morning though. You poor thing!! What a great story to blog about though!

Matt & Cindy Fleharty said...

Your morning story CRACKS ME UP! You are too funny. I can totally visualize the entire thing!! Love the snowman, and seriously -- who else has a Gap inspired/ coordinating snowman, but Sarah!

Kati said...

And, what other way is there to drink cocoa than by eating your marshmellows separately? The only way this could have been a more "perfect" day is if Clayton's "guys" had been with him! ;-)

Keith and Judy said...

absolutely priceless!!! I cannot believe the weather there - so crazy!!! My grandma said she had nine inches and I asked my parents if she was out doing snow angels. She and Clayton should hang out!!!